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Lee County girls soccer team ready to be tested

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By Joey Donia - bio | email

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - The Lee County girls soccer team has been dominating the competition this season and tonight they'll play for a region championship.

Lee County will host Thomas County Central at 5:30 in the region 1 AAAA title game. The Trojans have won 14 in a row and have only one loss this season that came in February.

"We all have fun together and we cheer each other on. No one is really negative on our team we're all positive toward each other" said stopper Kelly Polk.

The Yellow Jackets took Lee County to over time in March before losing on penalty kicks.

In it's last 11 games Lee County has only allowed two goals.

"The anchor of our team is our defense our keeper our defensive line which is all freshman and then our stopper who's a senior they've just played awesome" said head coach Dave Baltenberger.

The only problem is a good one to have. The Trojans don't allow many shots on goal and goal keeper Ashley Law spends most of the game standing around.

"It's just boring I want to just sit down out there but I wouldn't ever do that but it's not that fun for me, for them it is but not for me" said Law.

She does find ways to pass the time.

 "Sing or talk to myself or look around try to talk to some of my teammates."

 "We always say why don't you do a cartwheel or sing a song for us back there while she's standing around because we're up here running." said Polk.

Law may not have many saves but the Trojans have only allowed nine goals this season.

"She's an awesome goalkeeper she plays second base on the softball team so she knows how to catch it" said Baltenbeger.

With the playoffs right around the corner Ashley will certainly be well rested and ready for some action.