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Embattled Grand Island Golf Course back on par

By Cade Fowler - bio | email

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) – Two years ago the future of Grand Island Golf Club was up in the air. But now it appears the county owned golf course has its finances back in order.

Lee County Commissioners began looking into Grand Island's operations and finances in 2008 to see if the property was more valuable as a real estate investment or a golf course.

Ultimately, the course was given a second chance to see if it could increase revenue and memberships.

So far, it's done that. The club has 125 new members.  

The commission, which also serves as the county's parks and recreation authority, met Monday afternoon to go over the club's finances. 

With revenue projections out of the red, some commission members feel confident the course will be around for years to come. 

"It has come to the point that we will not have to consider closing Grand Island anytime in the future. If we can continue the journey that we're on today - we won't have any discussion about Grand Island - especially about closing it," said Lee County Commission Chairman Ed Duffy.

Grand Island's General Manager Vic McKinley said, "Membership has increased, golf activity has increased, and revenue has increased. We've cut a lot of costs. So it looks very bright for us."

Since July, revenue is up more than $40,000 and expenses are down $95,000.

This time last year, the county gave Grand Island $40,000 to get its finances in order. Commissioners don't believe they'll need to do that this year.

Depreciation expenses aside, Grand Island should come out $23,000 to the good this year.

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