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Teens break into 14 unlocked cars

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By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

DECATUR COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Two teenagers are in custody after breaking into 14 cars in Decatur County, and investigators say all of the cars involved were unlocked.

The Decatur County Sheriff's office seized thousands of dollars worth of electronics, tools, yard equipment, jewelry and more from teens who thought they could get past the law. Deputies also seized gang evidence and a bullet shell that shows they were involved in Norte 14 based out of Quincy Florida and possibly the Bloods. 

 17-year old Noe Villegas and his 14-year old cousin stole a fishing pole, CD's and ripped the radio right out of the dashboard in Melissa Leathers' driveway.

" I opened my door and noticed the panel had been snatched up," Leathers said. "You don't think anything like that can happen to you and when it does it's mind blowing."

So mind boggling, they stole from 14 cars on Mt. Olive Church road to a couple miles down on Hales Landing road. They took a pruning saw worth roughly $500 from Sam Pritchett.

"It just dawned on me I didn't see my saw this morning and I went out to check it and it was gone but sure enough the sheriff's department had it," Pritchett said.  

"It was tactical and they were trying to be as quiet as possible and the unlocked cars were easy targets," said Sheriff's Investigator Redell Walton.

Deputies began investigating around 5:30 Saturday morning when a dispatcher drove home and became suspicious after several car doors were open in the area. The thieves didn't bother closing the doors after they stole the items.

Sheriff's deputies were looking for clues and that's when they found footprints in several areas so they took pictures and sent them to others working on the case to see if any one else had seen similar markings. They had.

Blood hounds followed their scent where the two suspects were staying on Hale Landing Road. They're now in police custody. Stolen items have been identified. Sheriff's deputies ask people to keep their doors locked at all times and their valuables out of sight.

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