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Farmers Are Enjoying the Dry Weather

By Jay Polk - bio | email

SUMTER COUNTY, GA (WALB) – If you've been looking for clouds in the skies lately, maybe you're looking in the wrong place. But the dry weather has been good for the people who are leaving all of these clouds of dust in their wake - farmers and growers.

According to Bill Starr, the UGA Extension Agent for Sumter County: "it's great conditions for planting."

And while the dry weather has been good for farmers, the temperatures have been even better.

"As warm as it has been, things will really come out of the ground and be ready to go," said Starr.

The warmth has allowed for the corn to rebound nicely after a late start. Planting is proceeding at a furious pace now. With 90 per cent of the crop in the ground, farmers have emptied out the warehouse at the local feed supplier.

"They've picked up corn seed which is seasonal at this time," said Frank Joiner, Owner of Farmers Seed and Feed.

This past winter most of these seeds were waiting in the warehouse, while the farmers were waiting to plant. But now it's time for the next big crops to make their way into the ground.

"The next crops we'll go into...we'll plant soybeans and we'll plant cotton and peanuts," said Joiner.

And with the crazy weather of the past winter...some calm weather is just what the doctor ordered.

Joiner said, "never have I seen a Winter like this. I've been about 45, 46 seasons, I've never seen a Winter where you couldn't get the wheat seed planted."

But if there's one rule to remember in the weather, it's that too much of anything can be a bad thing

Starr said, "we have to have that all important balancing act of having dry conditions to plant and moisture to germinate and grow the seeds of the plant."

And if the rains don't return soon, you'll be seeing more center pivots in action.

"You're going to see a lot of center pivots being used right now because water is very important in getting this crop out of the ground.", said Joiner.

But for now, farmers will be enjoying the dry weather that we're seeing.  And leaving dusty tracks in their wake.

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