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Camilla tornado victims need better donations

April 14, 2003

Camilla--While the Camilla Tornado Emergency Distribution Center is grateful for donations, they have specific needs. They have enough used clothes and worn out household items. They say the tornado victims need things that can help them start life again.

The Camilla Emergency Distribution Center has several jail inmates and volunters going through stacks and stacks collected from Albany. But much of the donations will never be used by the tornado victims. Disaster Response Coordinator Hew Lipscomb said "There is an old suitcase. Here's part of a baby blanket. Old trousers. A used pillow. Some pots and pans the bottoms are burned. We've got some old silverware. We've even got broken coffee cups and broken glasses that came in from this drive this weekend."

Center directors say they have plenty of clothes, non perishable food items, and cleaning supplies. Now what they need, is the kind of gift you would give to newlyweds at a wedding shower. Lipscomb said "Whether it be a toaster, or a coffee maker. A set of dishes. A set of silverware. Some nice towels for the bathroom. This is what we want to get these people to establish back again."

There are approximately 100 families eligible to receive aid from the Emergency Center. Their homes were destroyed or suffered major destruction.

 Julia Williams lost her home on County Line Road, and is grateful for the groceries she picks up. Williams said "Clothing, food, cleaning items, just about anything we need, they had it for us. And I appreciate that."

 Linda Griffin is living with relatives since her home on County Line Road was destroyed. Griffin said "The stuff they giving us is helping. That help they giving is what's helping us get through." Center directors say few of the families eligible for the relief supplies are coming by. Lipscomb said "The tornado victims are not coming, and we're not sure why. It's here for them to come and get every three days, but they are not showing up."

 The Emergency Distribution Center In Camilla will close April 25th for one week, then reopen May 5th. They will then determine how many days a week they need to remain open to serve tornado victims.

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