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Brothers leave for Kuwait

April 14, 2003

Since we met the 1148th Transportation unit two months ago they've been at Fort Benning training for war. Many of the national guard members have developped a closer bond living together for the first time. But for Gary and Terry sharing a bunk bed is nothing new, they are brothers.

"Something to have someone you can talk to, lot of guys are real close, but when you have kin folks it's a little closer that way," Gary Dorminey said.

On weekends Gary got to spend time with his wife and two sons including a ceremony honoring the military in Worth County. Meanwhile Lora has pictures from her and her daughter's weekend visit to the base to see Terry. But now that the Dorminey men are heading to Kuwait, the women will have only each other.

"We'll be here for each other, all of us are just joining in for each other being strong for each other," Susie Dorminey said. 

The Dormineys know what it's like to have family deployed. Gary and Terry's grandfather was in Korea, their father in Vietnam, and their nephews Chris and William have been together since July aboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln.

Now the older pair of brothers are ready to fulfill their mission. "You're scared because there's still hostile fire going on but in a second sense it's exciting because we're going to do our job," Gary Dorminey said.

The Dorminey wives take comfort that their husbands are together, even if it increases the chance of a family tragedy. "At least if one gets hurt the other would be there to see that they are all right," Susie Dorminey said.

The family is putting things in God's hands, and confident all four Dormineys will return home safely.

Gary Dorminey says the hardest thing about going overseas will be missing his son's graduation. The Dormineys and all of the members of the 1148th will go first to Warner Robins where they'll board a plane first thing Tuesday morning.

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