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Man with assault rifle robs bank

^Lamar Campbell ^Lamar Campbell
^Bonnie Holsey ^Bonnie Holsey

April 14, 2003

Albany- The robber fired two shots inside Bank of America on Slappey before taking off with money. It's not your typical bank robbery. This one was well-planned.

And it was carried out by a man who meant business. The robber was clad in body armour and carrying a semi-automatic assault rifle. After he walked into Bank of America on Slappey at 10:00 Monday morning, he fired shots into the ceiling, then took money and drove away.

And his apparently well-planned get away has allowed him to escape police so far.

The Albany Bank of America on Dawson Road and North Slappey Boulevard, surrounded by crime scene tape. An armed man jumped the counter took a bag of cash.

Customers quickly turned into witnesses. Lamar Campbell saw what happened. "When I got out of my truck, I seen a guy coming out of there with a AK-47 pointing directly at me. He said ‘Move out of the way, I'm getting out of here.’ So, I moved and let him by. I was scared, I'm not gonna lie, yes I was.”

Cambell said it looked this was a well planned bank robbery. “Bullet proof vest and everything. He was completly geared.” But the robber didn't leave without firing a few shots. I thought is was a drill and first becasue everything was so smooth, then I heard shots in there and saw smoke,” Campbell said.

Nobody was injured, just shaken up. “Those shots we were able to locate holes in walls, in the ceiling of the bank,” said APD Lt. James Wiliams.

A tip led the SWAT team to Avalon Avenue, but turned out to be a false alarm. Police found this getaway car, a Chevrolet Caprice with a Kansas tag abandoned a few blocks away on Greenvale and Baldwin. “I looked out the window, saw the guy jumping in car and pulling off,” said Bonnie Holsey. The robber crashed into a white truck while speeding out of the parking lot. But that didn't stop him from getting away.

He supposedly got into a blue Mercury Marquis with another man. So, investigators are looking for two men.

Holsey also saw the robber run out of the bank, but she was across the street working at the Texastar Restaurant. “My co-worker said that he saw something that looked like a rifle and bank bag.” The man took an undetermined amount of cash. “I feel a lot of relief it's all over with,” Campbell said with a laugh.

It may be over for customers, but Albany Police still have a lot to do. They are looking for a black male, 5-10, 150 to 160 pounds, possibly in his 30's, Considered armed and dangerous.

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