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TEA Party Patriots rally in Bainbridge

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Tens of thousands of people across the country used tax day as a time to protest what they call unfair high taxes and irresponsible government spending.

People of all ages and various political views showed up at Willis Park in downtown Bainbridge to support the movement or learn more about it.

Edna Delucia voted for President Obama; now she says she's taxed enough already.

"I've been a Democrat since I was 17-years old and now I'm 77," Delucia said. "People are going to get together to make sure things are set right and I'd like to see him impeached. I listened to his speech and the promises he's made and he hasn't kept a one of them."

As the government builds a record deficit, Stu Sasser says the spending spree must stop.

" We've seen a demonstration of fiscal irresponsibility on a level we've never seen and on a tax day where a lot of us are seeing even a bigger hit than the year before," Sasser said.

Debbie Linzy says it's unfair to blame the Obama administration completely for a problem that's been building for years.

"People are wanting change overnight and in a year I don't think that's going to happen especially where we come from," Linzy said.

TEA Party supporters sign their name on a list  to a call for lower taxes for all social classes, not just the rich.

"It hasn't been spent well for the past decade and it's time to do something about the situation now," Sasser said.

As these men and woman cheer for tax reform, they won't stop until Washington listens to their cry. Tea Party activists are overwhelmingly conservative, but they say they're not tied to a single party. They say it's about Americans coming together to demand lower taxes.

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