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Lowndes student puts pledge back in classes

April 14, 2003

Valdosta - Pledging allegiance to the flag is a normal routine in all Lowndes High classrooms. But that wouldn't be the case if it weren't for 14-year-old Ashley Duckett. "We had always done the pledge in my classrooms growing up, so I couldn't understand why we weren't doing it now," said Duckett.

Duckett wrote a letter asking that the pledge be put back in Lowndes High classes. That letter ended up at the Board of Education and was immediately answered by Superintendent Steve Smith. "I was glad to receive the letter because I was unaware that all the classes weren't saying the pledge, and we all need to be," said Smith.

By the next week, the pledge was part of each classroom's morning routine. Her classmates and teachers say they're grateful for Duckett's efforts.

She's also received a personal thank you from U.S. troops. Her dad is deployed to the Middle East, and shared her letter with his fellow airmen. "They posted the letter in their tent and say it makes them feel to good that there are people over here making sure their efforts are recognized," said Duckett.

Duckett says even though some students refuse to participate, she's glad she took a stand and put patriotism back in her school.

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