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Hundreds protest taxes in Valdosta

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By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –It was a scene repeated in cities around the country and across Georgia.

In Valdosta, hundreds of tea party patriots gathered to protest taxes and they say it's time for a revolution.

Four-year-old Noah Patterson holds up a sign that reads "Obama may not have my piggy bank." Patterson joined the hundreds on Ashley street Thursday around noon for a Tea Party. His grandmother brought him here.

"My son in law is deployed right now so we're kind of doing this for him," said Sharon Mikeska.

Mikeksa says she had great insurance for 15 years and six months ago her insurance started going up.

"I don't understand I guess the insurance companies are freaking out because they know what's going to happen next," said Mikeska.

Eden Dempsey says she's tired of being overtaxed.

"That's why I bring my grandchild cause she's going to be paying for all of this and she doesn't even know it," said Dempsey.

"$82,000 in income tax, next year, if I make the same amount of money I'll have to send one for $128,000," said Ray Taylor.

Organizers say events like these encourage people to let their voices be heard. The tea party says they want limited government and lower taxes.

"We're objecting to runaway government," Valdosta Tea Party Organizer Nolen Cox. "The fact that they are ignoring the constitution and doing things that are illegal, immoral and people are fed up with it."

Cox says said it's a good time for people to come out and encourage one another.

"We don't have speakers at these events because it is our belief that elected representatives need to come here and see what's on their minds," said Cox.

He's worried the economy will collapse and government will take over.

"That's how all revolutionaries have taken over and as one congressman told me we have a marxist revolutionary in the white house," said Cox.

This party was one of the thousands going on across the nation.

Tea party rallies are scheduled for Thursday evening in Bainbridge and Donalsonville.

Both will be held at the county courthouses.

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