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Georgians come out for the TEA parties

Vivian Stern,  Robert Rehberg, and Traci Howell Vivian Stern, Robert Rehberg, and Traci Howell

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – From Donalsonville to Augusta, from Lake Park to Ellijay, Atlanta, and Washington D.C., conservative Georgians stepped up on tax day to voice their discontent with governmental policies. And more tea party rallies are scheduled for this weekend.

There were dozens of tea party rallies across Georgia, and thousands of Georgians bussed to Atlanta and Washington D.C. to show they are tired of high taxes and out of control government growth. Albany will host another tea party rally Saturday.

The organizers say they wanted to give all the Georgians who had to work today a chance to come out and support the tea party movement.

Dozens of people carried flags and signs at this tea party rally in Valdosta. Conservative Georgians who believe state and federal government and it's leaders are not listening to the people, and are taxing those people too much.

"I think most of the tea party people believe in smaller government, that's more responsible and responsive. That following the constitution and provide the liberties that our forefathers guaranteed," said Albany Area Tea Party Treasurer  Robert Rehberg.

The Albany Area Tea Party is hosting a rally Saturday at the Exchange Club Fairgrounds. These tea party supporters believe this is so important, they are paying for the rally out of their pocket.

"A grass roots approach. There is no corporate sponsorship. We do this all ourselves," said Albany Area Tea Party Project Mgr. Vivian Stern.

They say their goal is more that more than one thousand people show up for Saturday's tea party rally, but have heard from many people from all across South Georgia promising to attend, and show they want real government change, like lower taxes and more freedom and self reliance.

"The tea party has got the best opportunity to make a positive impact on America than anything I've ever seen in my life. It's a chance to make a footprint in history," Rehberg said.

Albany tea party organizers say the rally is a chance for people to learn, and to get involved.

"I hope this will make a difference. I think we have an awesome chance to make a difference. But it's going to require waking up, it's going to require educating ourselves, and it's going to require getting involved," said Albany Area Tea Party Communications Dir. Traci Howell.

The Albany Area Tea Party rally will be from 10AM to 1PM Saturday at the Exchange Club Fairgrounds. And organizers say this is just another step in what they hope to make a movement to change American government for the better.

Organizers say everyone is welcome to come to the Albany Area Tea Party rally, even people who might not understand or agree with their movement, as long as they will be respectful and non-confrontational. And they want to emphasize this a call for involvement in making a difference.

This will be the third rally hosted by the Albany Area Tea Party, which they admit is still in the early stages of organization. But they already have 1,400 people signed up to receive e-mail newsletters from the group.

You can learn more about the group from their website.

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