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CNN crew, Iraqis in brief gunfight

Aprl 14, 2003

(New York-AP) -- Gunfire erupted between Iraqi forces and a guard hired to protect a CNN crew.

Correspondent Brent Sadler was driving through Tikrit -- one of the last strongholds of Saddam Hussein loyalists -- in a seven-vehicle CNN convoy yesterday. He said the grop decided to leave because they could feel "hostility rising."

Sadler says they were fired upon with automatic weapons while just outside of Tikrit. An Iraqi Kurd guard traveling with the CNN crew returned fire as the vehicles sped away. The gunfight involving Sadler's guard was believed to be the first time armed protectors of a CNN crew had to use a weapon.

Most journalists adhere to Geneva Conventions rules that reporters not openly carry weapons in war zones, although several news organizations have hired armed guards for protection in dangerous areas.

A CNN spokesman says the guard was grazed by a bullet. A CNN producer was hit by shattered glass.

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