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Troop support is still alive in South Georgia

April 13, 2003

Albany- The congregation at Arcadia Baptist Church is saying a special prayer for the troops, and will continue to do so for an hour every day until the war has ended.

"We felt that if we could get the Christians, people that know God and go in prayer that this situation that we have over in Iraq and our troops will be brought home safely," claims Pastor Raymond Polite.

Sister Gwen Barber not only came up with idea for the daily prayer service, but she also spear-headed a 24-hour prayer chain, where members will take turns praying for an entire day.

"Being a social work major at Albany State College we are supposed to be on the forefront, and being a Christian, all Christians are supposed to be on the forefront also," says Barber.

Also on the forefront for troop support are Cumulus radio DJ's. Instead of using the power of prayer they're using the power of broadcasting to rally for the troops.

"I think in this particular case you're looking at eight different radio stations with eight different and eight different kinds of audience, but all of us are willing to support the troops.

Whether its through prayer or radio, South Georgians are letting the world know they're behind the troops.

The special prayer service at Arcadia Baptist Church will be held each day from noon until 1 PM. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

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