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State monitors view Albany CRCT's

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Dougherty County School Officials claim state monitors gave them a passing grade after one day of CRCT's.

Those monitors and community volunteers spent a second day watching testing Tuesday.

The monitors won't leave until the eight schools that had suspiciously high numbers of changed answers last year until they box up the tests and send them back to the state.

The school system banned the media from schools during testing, so we can only find out about the process from community members who were invited in.

Other than a few instances with students who've gotten sick, school officials say the test taking has gone well, but everyone from a camera in hallway to state monitors and community partners are watching.

Quiet, orderly, structured, that's how community partners describe the CRCT process behind the walls at the International Studies Elementary Magnet School.

"They had two adults in every classroom, the teacher, and then another teacher or their assistant. Very professional, they were up the entire time walking around, looking at, standing beside the student as they were reading the exams," said Rotary Community Partner Bobby McKinney.

Dealing with problems as they come up. "There was a child that was diabetic and her blood sugar dropped during the testing and they had to pull her out and take care of that and they had to know what to look for," said Rotary Community Partner Mary Ligon.

That's because teachers aren't allowed to administer tests in the grades they teach. Community partners were also looking for erasing students.

"You look for that because that was the big issue, I personally didn't see any erasures, I'm not saying there weren't any," said McKinney.

Storing the answers documents at the end of the day and picking up the materials also has a procedure.

"There would be an announcement over the speaker for this grade teachers to come up to the office to sign out their tests it was very controlled," said DCSS Testing Coordinator Renee Bridges.

Answer sheets are stored in envelopes that are taped shut and signed off by the teacher.

"I literally have to sign them in and out every day and I have to record the student's name on my list as well as put a label on the top of their book and write the students name on the book," said Bridges.

State monitors are controlling the process in the schools they're watching, but at the end of the day all answer sheets are kept under lock and key.

 Renee All of the locks have been changed on the area where they're storing the materials whether it be in a closet or vault wherever the location may happen to be all the locks were changed.

To ensure Dougherty County's test taking process won't come under question again. 

One of the community partners told me, students were even going as far as reading the question without the pencil in their hand,

picking up the pencil when they were finished to mark the answer and then putting the pencil back down on the deck ensuring they weren't making marks on their tests.

CRCT's will continue though Friday and make ups will be held though August 22nd.


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