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APD Officer serves with 48th Brigade

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Just about all members of Georgia's 48th Brigade are back home now after spending 9-months in Afghanistan.

An Albany Police Officer was one of the company commanders who helped train Afghan National Police and Soldiers to protect their country. He says Georgia's citizen soldiers can be proud of their service in the war on terror.

Captain Michael Persley says after nine-months with 48th Brigade, Ga. National Guard in Afghanistan, the green grass and flowers of home are great.

"Very peaceful. I can actually walk on grass instead of gravel. I enjoy it," Persley said.

Persley took pictures of the two Eastern Afghanistan provinces where he served, setting up border police guard posts overseeing Pakistan, and the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains. Working with Afghan Police Officers, teaching them to protect their own people and nation.

 "The training, they understand the concept of enforcing their law. They understand the concept of prosecution. But then we focus more on the ethics and the anti-corruption part of it."

This is the third National Guard deployment for Captain Michael Persley who was previously deployed to Bosnia and Iraq. He said he is proud of the improvements American troops have made in Iraq and Afghanistan. And believes their sacrifice for nation building will pay off.

 "As the U.S. is steadily pulling it's hands off and giving the Afghan people the reins to control and run their own nation, it will work. It'll take time, but we've made a lot of progress in Iraq."

The toughest part of his deployment, Captain Persley said six of the 100 soldiers he commanded were injured during the deployment, but feels all will recover. But Persley says he was glad for the experience and chance to help new friends end more than 30 years of constant war.

"I met some very interesting people, some of them it will be hard to forget. I hope one day they can live in peace, finally," Persley said.

Persley said Georgia can be proud of the work the 48th Brigade did in Afghanistan. He plans to continue serving in the National Guard, but says this was his last overseas deployment. 

Monday, Sergeant Michael Persley will return to work at the Albany Police Department.


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