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Guest Viewpoint: How do you classify health insurance?

Commissioner TommiePostel has said he should have the value of the health insurance he has opted out of added to his expense account, claiming it is only fair since the city would have to spend the money if he opted for the benefit.

What's wrong with this is Commissioner Postel is CHOOSING to not have the health coverage; and he understood the options when he ran for office. It is a BENEFIT, not a RIGHT.

 The only obligation of the city, or any employer, is to EQUALLY offer the benefit to ALL; the choice is theirs to take it or not.

Commissioner Postel is way off base here and thinks he is making a valid, logical argument; the fallacy in his argument is in his assumption that he has a RIGHT to the coverage.

It is called a "benefit" instead of a "right" for a very specific reason. This is the same issue that has been debate "ad nauseum" in Washington over the past year – and they got it wrong!

We should not fall into the same trap here in Albany– believe me, it will trickle down through the system and other city/county employees will want the same.

 You CAN make the argument that a society has a "moral obligation" to provide Health Care to its less fortunate (and I believe that to be true), but that still does not make it a RIGHT.


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