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Hurry; Census deadline approaching fast

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By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Census countdown is on. If you don't send in your form by this Friday, a   Census worker will show up on your doorstep. 

We have an update on some folks in Albany who were eager to participate, but didn't receive a Census form in the mail. Today, the Census Bureau lived up to its promise to help those folks get counted.

Census participation is up to 66 percent in Albany which matches the national average. That percentage now includes Kenny Blanchard and the residents at Hudson Malone Towers. They came to us last week, because they hadn't received their Census forms. Monday several Census workers filled out forms for Kenny and nearly 100 residents living here.

"It was quick and easy- just a few questions and there wasn't much to it," Blanchard said. "It's very important for this area especially when it comes to building  roads and sidewalks."

Retired preschool teacher, Kathy Miskimon, filled out her form as soon as she received it in the mail.

"It didn't take but a second to fill out," she said. "It gives the right appropriations for our schools and we know our school system needs that."

More than 30 percent of Albany households still haven't turned in their forms. That covers nearly 25,000 people. Starting May 1,  Census workers will hit the streets in all 25 counties of southwest Georgia. They won't stop until all areas are covered.

Those home visits aren't cheap. If everyone were to mail in a form, it could save the nation as much $1.5 billion. As of Monday, 63 percent of Georgia households have participated in the Census. To see updated rates for counties around the state and the nation, click here.

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