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I-75 construction, traffic create multiple wrecks

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - The interstate construction along with people returning from vacation has created quite a mess on I-75 where the Cordele Exit and Georgia Highway 300 meet.

There's one thing that comes to mind for drivers on I-75. Cones obstructing vision, people stopping and going, and wrecks up and down the interstate.

That concerns Mike Mckeithan every time he merges onto I-75 from GA Hwy 300.

"When they're coming out at a slow speed and people are going 70 to 80 miles and hour, it's hard to stop" McKeithan said. "The next exit has the same problem where people are at a stand still trying to merge into traffic."

That's exactly what happened at exit 101 where one car rear-ended another. Dale Carver pulled over with his friend who was hit.

"Yes people could be killed and I think it's something that really needs to be addressed," Carver said.

State troopers say with all the construction going on people need to obey the signs to slow down. Traffic is a bit worse in the north bound land because people are traveling back from vacation down south causing traffic to back up. They urge people to keep a fair distance so they don't get into wrecks like dozens of people on the road this weekend.

Even through the cones and stop-and-go traffic can cause a lot of confusion,  troopers urge drivers to pay attention so they don't become a victim.

Police officers say breakdowns and wrecks are the main reason for congested traffic this weekend. They continue to urge people to use their blinkers when they merge off and onto the interstate.

Officers say construction on this part of I-75 has been going on for at least three years now. They say if anyone has to pull over, make sure to be off the main road and always use caution lights.

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