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Southwest Georgia rolls out the Red Carpet

April 11, 2003

Albany- Albany State students along with the Albany Symphony Orchestra sing and play their hearts out for the guests of the 2003 Red Carpet Tour. Hoping to impress them enough that they'll want to bring their businesses to Southwest Georgia.

C.J. Pettit was a guest on the tour last year, but this year he's a testimony of how a corporation can flourish in the area.

"They can tell the excitement here in this town and a couple people have already made comments to me like I understand why you located here already and it's only an hour into the evening," admits C. J. Pettit, C.E.O. of Calltech Communications.

The guests were also greeted by hundreds of Dougherty County students as they entered Chehaw Park. Some even had close encounters with the animals. Still they say good old southern hospitality was a highlight for the evening.

"The hospitality and the warmth that everybody's shown us has been really wonderful, special. When we came off the plane and saw hundreds of people standing there cheering us it made us feel fantastic," says Tim Jahnke of Rubbermaid.

There may not be any definite plans yet, but one businessman admits that Albany would be a prime location for his Vancouver-based company.

"We're in the automotive business and we work very closely with tire companies and Copper is in town, and Pirelli is not far away, even the boys at Michelin are just across the state line, so a lot of our friends are here and it makes good sense on the surface to be with our friends down here," claims President of SmarTire Systems, Robert Rudman.

The guests say whether they plan to grow into Southwest Georgia or not, the Red Carpet staff has definitely made them feel at home.

The President of SmarTire says plans to open a location in Southwest Georgia may be in the early stages, but they are in the works. Even though

Rubbermaid has plans to move their headquarters to Atlanta, representatives say manufacturing companies may want to consider locating in Southwest Georgia.

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