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Budget crunch hits GSP

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By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

Mitchell County, GA (WALB) –  State budget cutbacks have fewer Georgia State Patrol Officers on southwest Georgia's highways.

Troopers have not been laid off, but new officers have not been hired to replace those who have left or retired.

The Georgia State Patrol post in Albany is short several positions and even has troopers detached from the post to help out other posts that are even more undermanned.

Because of state shortfalls, they're using state inmates to help maintain the grounds and borrowing equipment from other state facilities instead of replacing broken equipment. They're also relying more on local law enforcement for patrols. 

"We try to look at it as just one big team, us the Sheriff's Office, City Police Departments if they can help us we greatly appreciate it and the same for us if we can lend a hand to them, right now everybody's hurting," said Albany Trooper Cpl. Scott McClure.

The State Patrol has gone from the full compliment of 954 troopers statewide to 755. Instead of just driving patrols, troopers are also concentrating their effort in trouble areas or targeting specific counties for road blocks.

Those efforts have allowed the post to save on fuel costs.


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