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Norman Park man says storm sent a message


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Norman Park,  GA (WALB) –- Severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings took over south Georgia Thursday night, causing damage in some areas, even destroying a Norman Park man's home.

It was the only report of damage in all of Colquitt county. Emergency officials say the destruction was caused by straight line winds so strong they lifted the home off its foundation.

The owner was put up in a hotel by the Red Cross, but has no insurance.

A basketball goal by the road, a couch in the yard, windows shattered. "The Lord did this for a reason," said Otha Huckaby. "The house was up to here."

What that reason is though is still a mystery to Huckaby. While he was working, a vicious storm ripped through south Georgia. His Norman Park home sustained the brunt of it.

"I had just put that roof on three months ago and it took it all off," Huckaby said. And sent pieces of the roof flying through the air. "Look at the tin up in that tree."

It also literally moved his home off the foundation. Behind the house, mail is scattered and a mouse pad is on the ground, and to my right you can see where the house moved three feet because now it's sitting on top of the air conditioner.

But although Huckaby's home is demolished. His positive attitude is storm resistant. "Only thing I can say is the Lord is giving me a message. He giveth he taketh away."

"It was a blessing no one was home. We are fortunate, we lost material things but you know the biggest loss is always the loss of life," said Huckaby's Cousin Darrell Keel.

And Huckaby's convinced only one force of nature can explain it. "It was a tornado, yes."

Officials say it was straight line winds, but tornado or not the damage is extensive.

But thankfully he says he has a foundation that will never falter, his family and his faith that things will be OK.

The road Huckaby lives on, Earnest Norman Road, is a dirt road that was extremely muddy today.

People who live there say they've been trying for years to get the county to pave it with no luck.

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