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Card game turns bloody

^ Sholanda Harris ^ Sholanda Harris

April 11, 2003

Americus-- Two men walked into a house after 10:00 Thursday night and started shooting. Four people were shot, and friends say they have no idea what sparked the violence.

Spilled blood from Thursday night's shooting is still smeared on the kitchen floor. "I had just left, and I called back up here and the guy told me it had went down," said a Victim's Girlfriend, Shalonda Harris. Shalonda Harris is cleaning up the mess, her boyfriend, Travis Jackson, was shot, the bullet just scraping his ear.

Harris says two men stormed into this house on the 100 block of Tom Hall Circle at 10:20 Thursday night. She doesn't know why they started shooting. "No nothing, they just came in and shot," said Harris.

Four men were shot. Three of them are out of the hospital. "But all of them are okay, but Clyde Jackson is still in the hospital, he was going back into surgery, we don't know what the deal was with him," said Harris.

Americus investigators searched outside the home, but would not comment on the ongoing investigation. For now, friends and neighbors helped clean up the blood. When police arrived on the scene last night, the shooters were already gone. Friends say the victims knew the shooters.

Three of the victims, 19-year-old Clyde Jackson, 26-year-old William Dowdell, and 20-year-old Timothy Angrish have been released from the hospital.

19-year-old Clyde Jackson underwent stomach surgery this afternoon. His condition is unknown at this time.

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