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Georgia hunting law changes

April 11, 2003

Albany -- Hunters could see changes in the way they buy their licenses and new rules in deer and alligator hunting. A proposed bill approved by the Georgia House would set rules for hunting alligators.

 Gator hunting, which will be allowed for the first time this year, will be done at night from boats using a light. That practice is currently illegal.

Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Biologist Steve Ruckel said "Our population has come back, it's no longer in danger. And so we have a good population that can be utilized."

The proposed bill would change hunting license to make them valid for a full year. Currently the licenses expire March 31st, no matter when they were bought.

Lawmakers also would require hunting clubs to get state permits if they want to use hounds or other dogs to help hunt deer.

So-called "Dog Hunting" is allowed in 41 Georgia Counties, including Dougherty.

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