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Where in the World is this Coke collection?

April 29, 2003

You would think Joel Wiley is an electrical engineer if you saw what it takes to get his Coke signs lit up. But the signs and the machines just are not as cool if they don't light up.

Ask him how many Coke goodies he has, and he'll light up. "40,000," he exclaims.

Everything is Coke. The clocks, the magnets, the Christmas decorations, napkins, speakers, fan, weather center... you get the idea.

"And if you eat here, you have to have a Coke plate, Coke silverwear, and a Coke glass."

His bike is Coke, the bedroom is Coke, and his car sit in Coke parking. Next to that, Coke has swallowed his out buildings. It seems Joel doesn't have to go far for a Coke and a smile. Problem is, Coke doesn't make him smile.

"I have never drank one in my life, and I have been collecting since I was 12."

So this pop icon doesn't even like pop. The collection started because his uncle, who worked at Coke, began giving Joel some souvenirs. And now this collection that spans 40 years spans through all of Joel's property.

Maybe that's how seeing red has made Joel famous in the city of Coolidge.

Joel has tasted a Coke before, when he was young. That's how he knew he didn't like it. But his Coke collection continues to grow. Maybe someday it will take over Coolidge, which is in northern Thomas County.

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