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Tifton police investigate two shootings

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Tifton Police are on the lookout for gunmen after a violent night.

Three people were wounded in two separate shootings last night.

Bullets narrowly missed a child in one house.

Investigators are trying to piece together what happened.

What family members say started off as a dispute,

"There was an argument down the street, you know how kids do," said Larry Colquitt.

Quickly escalated into something more serious.

"We were sitting here watching television and a guy came up and shot through the window four times," said Colquitt.

Police say a man standing on the porch, of 520 Alder street shot through the window four times hitting Colquitt's nephew 23 Emanuel Newsome and 18 year old Jasmine Adkins.

"We know the female was shot in the leg and the male at some point the bullet hit the chest cavity but it passed through his hand first it slowed the bullet down somewhat," said Investigator Lee Dunston, with the Tifton Police Department.

And surprisingly a four year old child, sitting between the two victims, was not hit by the bullets.

"I don't know if it was good marksmanship on the part of the offender or Gods good grace," said Dunston.

But not even two hour later, another shooting occurred.

"I was in the den and I heard pop pop and then I heard pop pop pop pop like an automatic about ten times," said neighbor Elizabeth Stracke.

This time at 818 Madison Avenue.

"Officers did find a 21 year old male who was shot multiple times bleeding heavily out front of a neighbors porch," said Dunston.

21 year old Jaron Hester was discovered by police laying near the neighbors porch bleeding from his leg, head, mouth and nose.

Something shocking to next door neighbor Elizabeth Stracke.

"It used to be the friendly street in Tifton and they just messed it up," said Stracke.

But Stracke says things have been going downhill for a while now on the street, and she suspects drug activity.

"Cars coming in and out in and out, heavy traffic all the time," said Stracke.

And after this incident, she's ready to move.

According to police, 21 year old Hester was seriously wounded but is alive and has improved from last night.

As of right now, police are unclear of what the motives were for both shootings.

In the first shooting they have a person of interest but they are still following leads.

In the second shooting they did recover a weapon at the scene

If you have any information on either of these shootings call the Tifton Police Department at 229-383-3132

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