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Worth Co. dog helps stop criminal

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By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –A south Georgia junkyard dog proved she can do more than guard her owner's shop. She's a crime fighter, too.

William Giddens says his dog Lucy helped stop a suspected criminal in his tracks as he ran from deputies in Sylvester.

Lucy the dog is well known around Sylvester.

"Lucy is a good dog we've seen her riding around with junkyard for years now," said Mike Huftstetler.

On most days you can catch the 7-year old bull dog mix riding around in a wrecker truck with her owner William Giddens.

"She is that crazy white dog that rides on the back of the flat bed.

And when she's not riding she's making sure nothing goes wrong at the wrecker shop.

"For the most part she is docile and she doesn't snap at nobody," said Giddens.

But last week, their normal routine was interrupted.

"I  seen a gentleman come running around the corner with his short off kind of took my by surprise and I turned around a looked to see if anybody else seen him and daddy look at me and said that guy is running from something," said Giddens.

And shortly after Giddens, says he saw police cars flying by.

"I see patrol cars chasing after on the road and I say they are chasing that man," said Giddens.

When the shirtless man ran towards his shop, that's when Gidden's grabbed Lucy.

"He said its cool I'm running from police I said no that's not cool you gotta stay or I'm gonna turn her loose," said Giddens.

He says the suspect then stopped in his tracks and appeared to be afraid of Lucy.

"I had her like this and she was on her hind legs, so he pretty much knew she meant business that was it he just stood there," said Giddens.

Shortly after police were able to make an arrest,

"She is pretty smart she could tell something wasn't right about the whole situation," said Giddens.

And Lucy and Giddens went back to eating their breakfast.

Lucy's owner says she has helped chase people from cars in the junkyard in the past but has never encountered a situation quite like this one.

He says hopefully this will prevent any criminals from running through his property again.

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