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New Super takes charge

April 10, 2003

Leesburg-- Larry Walters is getting acquainted with his new digs, and refers to himself as "the new kid on the block." The new kid on the block is no stranger to the classroom-- he's spent more than a quarter of a century as an educator in Alabama. But his move east is a welcome change. "One of major differences coming from Alabama is that Georgia school system, challenges as far as funding, so much better than Alabama they are on the brink of a financial crisis right now."

Although Georgia is pinching its purse strings too-- Walters thinks Lee County has a big advantage. "I've seen some of the best teachers I've seen anywhere here in Lee County."

And strong teachers will be the key to Lee County facing its biggest challenge. "One of the challenges this school system faces as well as every school system is accountability, test scores."

High test scores is undoubtedly very important in public schools-- and will remain a focus under Dr. Walter's administration. But, for the first few weeks, his attention will be focused on getting used to his new surroundings.

Former Superintendent Bill Lewis is still under contract with the Lee County School System. He will be available for consulting purposes until the contract expires June 30th.

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