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In a split second funeral

April 10, 2003

Albany -- A funeral was held in the Albany High School gym Thursday. Hopefully it will keep any real funerals from having to be held for the students. Mourners march in for the funeral for Rick Miller, while all 400 of Albany High's juniors and seniors watch.

It's the final part of "In a split second" program. Monday the students saw a lifelike crash scene as Miller was killed by a drunk driver.

 Thursday the funeral, as that drunk driver, played by Jeff Watson, watched in handcuffs in custody of a Sheriff's Deputy.

Miss Albany High, Brandi Reynolds, put the program together. She said it has affected her fellow students. "I have a lot of good feedback. A lot of people are starting to think about the decisions people are going to be making Friday night, being our prom night."

 Rick Miller, who was the actor playing the deceased student, said" Especially when they put in the back of the hearse in a body bag, it struck home. Realizing even that I am coming back, I have not died, it could really happen."

As the pallbearers took the casket out, the students had the message painted very clearly, drunk driving kills.

 Albany High will hold it's prom Friday night. The hope is this week's program will be the only funeral involving the students.

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