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From Iraq, with love

April 10, 2003

Lowndes County - Andrea Evans is your typical ecstatic newlywed. "I'm so excited to finally be married," said Evans.

But her wedding was anything but typical. "I was here with the probate judge and he was over there, but we did it over speaker phone," said Evans.

Andrea and her husband James got engaged last December. "He asked me 10 times, and finally I said yes," said Evans.

They planned on a traditional wedding when James returned, but that just wasn't soon enough. "He called me and said he already had everything arranged, so we just had to make the call."

It took lots of work for such a simple ceremony. "I spent all day Monday running around, doing the paperwork," said Evans. Both had blood tests thousands of miles apart, and even signed their own marriage certificate. "We had to fax it 1,000 times," said Evans.

All James' friends were there for the ceremony and even gave him a military salute afterwards. "They had a cake for him and held up their knives when he walked out of the tent after the ceremony," said Evans.

The couple is planning a traditional ceremony when James returns, hopefully this summer.

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