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Charity needs updated security system

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  It's hard to imagine that folks would actually steal from a charitable organization, but is the sad truth. In fact, thefts are on the increase at the Albany Rescue Mission.

Now, workers need help making renovations, but most importantly helping them purchase an updated security system to help stop thieves, but to help keep an eye on things.

Brother Larry Hample says two types of people normally walk through the doors of the Albany Rescue Mission.

"We have the needy and the greedy and we let God separate them, It's hard to imagine people stealing from an organization that gives, but workers say they do," said Hample.

"I hate to say it but there is a lot of stealing and one of the main reasons is because of the drug activity especially crack cocaine And lately thefts increased," said Hample. "They used to pass food over the fence through he back door and it takes a lot of food to feed the people we do."

"The economy is so bad people are trying to get in our kitchen, down here people trying to get into our maintenance shed Which is one of the reasons, workers are trying to upgrade the security system," said Mike thorsen, Maintenance Manager.

"We are trying to fix what we have but a lot of it is so outdated we cant even get the manuals for it, they really need those things so they can try and monitor to keep people from stealing And it's at the top of their list of needs," said Hample.

"If you are not watching that camera at that time you aren't going to see it because there is no recording. We don't have recorders." said Thorsen.

As the manager of the thrift store, Christopher Carpenter has seen it first hand. "Some of these people, I give them a bag, and once they fill the bag up, they just walk out the door."

Which is a shock to Carpenter, when all people have to do is ask. "Come to the office and ask for it or come to me and we'll give it to you instead of taking it."

But workers say thieves will pay for it in the end. "We are a Christian ministry and we know God forgives people, and we have to put up with that stuff in order to get the message through."

But workers say you can't put a price tag on a soul. Upgrades to the security system in addition to new cameras will cost the Albany Rescue Mission a minimum of $1,500.

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