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Briar Patch Festival brings music to rural GA


By David Miller

Damascus, GA (WALB) – Music festivals were big in the 1970's, but their popularity has waned a bit in the 21st century.

That hasn't stopped the volunteers who will put on the Briar Patch Music Festival in Southwest Georgia this year.

The music festival dates are April 30, May 1, and 2, in Damascus, at the site of the old Powerline Restaurant. It is located East of Hwy 45-North, on Five Bridges Road.

Jeb Stuart Tabb, spokesman for the event, said he started thinking about how cool it would be to have a small outdoor festival in rural southwest Georgia.

"It started with my band, Caucasian Invasion, and Fat Jackson, from Americus," Tabb said. "I mentioned the idea to my cousin, Brandon Lovering, and he shared my enthusiasm."

Stuart mentioned the idea to Albany restaurateur and musician Bo Henry, who was excited to help.

All three men grew up in and around Damascus, and think the event will be a great thing for this community.

As for the 'Brer Rabbit theme, Tabb said it just seemed to fit the whole feel of the festival, and was a folk character native to the state of Georgia.

Owen, Kevin, and Stevie Tabb are lending the land and equipment to help make this festival possible.

"I am also a Hasan Shriner, and a portion of proceeds will benefit the Young Guns Club for recently initiated Shriners, and Hasan Shriners. These guys have helped out so much and will continue to help out the days of the festival."


Organizers expect a big slate of performers in 2010:

Saturday, April 3, 2010 is a work day for the volunteers to prepare the event site.

Volunteers will be accepting donations at the gate for the Shriners, and a portion of the gate will be donated to the Hasan Temple for transportation of South Georgia children to the Shriner's Hospitals.



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