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Flint River Center taking shape

April 9, 2003

Albany-- We've heard a lot about the Flint River Center--but what is it actually going to look like?

Since November, construction crews have been working on the ambitious project, and the Center is finally beginning to take shape. The Flint River Center is a mass of concrete and metal right now--but in little more than a year it will showcase Southwest Georgia's greatest natural asset.

"You are looking at an area that is the most biodiverse in North America." The heart and soul of the Flint River Center is the "Blue Hole"--a spring that Exhibit Designer Frank Zaremba says will give people a view unlike any other in the world.

Zaremba says viewers will, "Experience it like a scuba diver will experience it, see it under water." This waterworld was not created by a native South Georgian, but by an architect from the Southwest.

"That's always a problem for me because I am a desert rat, I have to parachute in and figure out what's there." Internationally renowned architect Antoine Predock dove right in, assembling a massive collage of images significant to Albany, "I made that collage with my team, we turned over every rock we could think of too find out the essence and soul of this place was."

The soul of the place revealed itself in underground caverns, blue springs, and rivers--all of which will be celebrated at the Flint River Center. The Flint River Center is scheduled to open May 2004.

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