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Lowndes road crews repair weathered roads

April 9, 2003

Lowndes County - Tuesday's heavy rains are keeping public works road crews in business. "We were out until about 3:15 Wednesday morning, and came back in around 7:00," said Bobby Boyd, Crew Director.

They're running on less than 3 hours of sleep, battling hundreds of mosquitoes, and even pulling their own trucks out of the mud. But these men are still working non-stop to repair weathered roads. "We've got about 40 employees scattered throughout the county, working as fast as we can to get the roads drivable again," said Boyd.

Their first was at J.P. Carter Road in Naylor, where torrential rain washed away sections of the dirt road. "People have to go real slow and be real careful through here," said Boyd.

About a mile away is another crew. It looks as if a small river is flowing across Good Hope Road, but workers will have the roadway repaired in less than an hour.

The crews hope to have all damaged roads repaired by sundown, that is unless more rain comes tonight. In that case, they'll start the whole process again tomorrow.

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