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City put on notice for sewage clean up

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  The city of Albany has been put on notice. A Northwest Albany family may sue over sewage that backed up that caused extensive damage to their home.

They gave the city 30-days to reach a settlement. Two homes had to be gutted after raw sewage exploded from their toilets and drains in December. The Freeney's were out of their home for more than two months. The Powell's still haven't been able to move home.

The list of items the Freeney's had to replace inside their home is endless from the sub floors to the carpet to some furniture. Now they simply want the city to pay for the work they had to do to move back in. @

For the Powell's and the Freeneys the nightmare of sewage pouring into their home in December, won't soon be forgotten.

"It went into the cracks and crevices of their home and they had to replace many of the, replace some of the sub-floor and also had to replace some rugs and carpets," said Attorney Robert Margeson III.

The Freeney's bills amounts to about $29,000 and they're hoping the city will make good on their promise to cover the damages.

"Initially, the city according to the Freeney's, several city officials told them they were going to take care of all their expenses not to worry about it, then there became a little bit of a problem," said Margeson.

Their attorney Robert Margeson, claims the clean up was progressing until the city started to add restrictions on what they'll pay.

"The city has paid serve pro for a portion of the cleaning expenses in this case and the Freeney's have had extensive repair bills for damage to the home," said Margeson.

The Freeney's say they don't want to be involved in litigation, all they want to is be made whole for their losses.

"Hopefully we can work this out with the city, all the Freeney's want is just a fair resolution," said Margeson.

If not, they're prepared to do what's necessary to make it right.

At the Powell's next door, work on their house still isn't complete which is why they haven't been included in this law suit notice. They still have two months to decide if they'll join the Freeneys in a potential lawsuit.

Back in December, city officials told us if the incident was their fault they would compensate the families. Because the city says they've received notice of a potential lawsuit, they're not able to comment on the matter.

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