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Crime victim offers cash reward

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  A South Albany family is taking a stand against crime in their neighborhood after thieves broke into their home last week. They're offering a cash reward to catch the crooks.  

 Angela Law and her husband came home from work to find their house broken into and ransacked last Wednesday. 

This is the second time they have been burglarized since May, and now Angela is putting up reward posters around the neighborhood, offering half her paycheck for information leading to their arrest.  

 The crooks cut the phone and alarm wire at the  Law's home on Tremont Avenue before breaking in two doors.

"They kicked this door in right here," Angela Law said. "This is the part they kicked in.  And knocked this off right here."

After their first home was broken into in May, the Laws moved into this house with burglar bars, beefed up the  alarm system, but crooks still broke in.  And Law says she's mad.

"Stupidity. Unemployed, don't have anything else to do but target the hard working people like me and my husband."

The thieves stole the family's TV, but even more meaningful to them, the Wii game and piggy bank with money that 9-year-old Alexis Law earned by making good grades.

"We got our piggy bank," Alexis Law said. "It had money we could use to get certain things we need.  They took our Wii game, which is our family Wii game that we usually play with."

So Angela and Alexis have been putting out reward posters in mailboxes and stores around the neighborhood, asking for information to lock the crooks up. 

"I really want us to know who it is, so we can get our stuff back," Alexis Law said. "I would like these criminals off the streets, so they won't go in nobody's neighborhood.  Because there have been a lot of burglaries in this neighborhood."

Albany Police say they welcome the Law's crime fighting help. "A lot of people I can say are fed up with becoming victims of crime.  So they are extending out, and wanting to assist the Albany Police as best as they can," said Albany Police Spokesperson Phyllis Banks Whitley.

Law is offering half of her paycheck to anyone with information, to catch the crooks who broke into their home, because she is fed up with crime.

Burglaries have increased in Albany. In February 2009 there were 74 burglaries.  In February this year there were 113.  So the police welcome rewards, because they know offering money for information works.

 If you have any information about the break-in at the Law's home on Tremont Avenue, call Albany Police at 229-431-2100 and you could get the reward.

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