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ASU students learn DUI consequences

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email


ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Students got behind the wheel of a real car and through the PEERS simulator were able to see just how hard it was to control the car after a night of drinking. 

The simulator can run 47 different scenarios and is tailored to each student's size, age, and how many drinks they may have consumed.  Students say it was a worth while experience to get behind the wheel.

"It was hard to turn the wheel it really puts you in the position of actually being drunk and driving at the same time." said ASU Freshman Taja Johnson.

"It actually shows people the different degrees of being intoxicated," aid Robert Tower of PEERS.

"We can actually put them in behind the wheel, start them out sober and then show them the difference and then slowly introduce the alcohol to show them the affects from one beer all the way up to maybe five or six beers."

The groups that sponsor the want to get students thinking about the dangers of drunk driving before Spring Bling and Summer Break.


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