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Rain doesn't stop repair efforts in Camilla

April 8, 2003

Camilla - Rain was continuous and sometimes heavy here in South Georgia Tuesday. The wet weather slowed down, but didn't stop people from repairing tornado damaged homes. We found people on top of roofs and ladders working hard despite the rain.

Ben Thomas hammers nails on top of the roof and says, "I'm going to try to wind it up today." It's not exactly easy to work on a rain soaked roof with slippery nails. He says, "Off and on. Looking like it's getting a little harder now, but I'll stay up with it this time. I'm not going to go back down this time."

Thomas is determined to finish the job. He says, "I ain't gonna stop." He's helping his Mother, Ruby Lee Thomas, fix her tornado damaged home in Camilla. The 2000 tornado demolished her previous home. He explains, "This time it tore the shingles and stuff up."

Ironically, the rain is the reason many are in a rush. They are patching up holes to block rain drops from spilling inside. Keith Wilkes explains, "The house on the inside is getting wet, we're trying to close it up so it doesn't get more damaged."

Wilkes works for Wayne Fryer Mobile Homes in Moultrie. Drenched from head to toe, he says, "Just have to get the job done. We've got so much going on, just trying to get it done."

The rain has slowed workers down, including taking time to hide tools from wet weather conditions, but these workers are on a mission to keep their family or customers from getting drenched.

After going through two tornados, Thomas says his mother and many other people in Camilla were nervous during Monday night's storm.

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