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Georgia Marine returns from Iraq

April 8, 2003

Lee County -- A Marine from the Albany Base has returned home after nearly three months in Kuwait and Iraq. His Lee County family is thrilled to have daddy back home after his tour in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Mark and Robyn Peeples can smile at the Yellow Ribbons she put up, now that he has returned home. Master Gunnery Sgt. Peeples was deployed to Kuwait January 26th. The logistics analyst coordinated the fielding and installation of equipment for the troops.

Peeples said "We just helped coordinate that incoming equipment, the incoming personnel. Getting it out to the units that were going to receive it and be able to put it to use."

For the 25 year Marine Veteran, this was Peeples fourth deployment. He moved around various bases in Kuwait and Iraq working under System's Command. In the first days of the war, he was threatened by Iraqi missiles. Peeples said "The first day of war is when we had that missile that impacted the camp I was at. That set the tone for the next couple of weeks at that camp. Constant SCUD drills. There were always SCUDS coming our way. Thank God the Patriot Missile batteries were doing their job much better than the last Gulf War."

Robyn says her three children did well while Mark was in the Middle East, thanks to friends support. She admits E-mails from him helped her fears.

Robyn said "You still wonder, you worry. That was probably the toughest. When I finally got an E-Mail, I said just send me "I'm O.K." when you can.

Mark said "Missing the kids was the toughest. When they told me it was time to head home, I remembered that I would be home in time for my daughter's birthday, and that was great. It's great to be home."

Mark Peeples was told last Wednesday to head home. He flew into Savannah Friday, but most of his gear has still not arrived. What counts most is that his family is together again.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Peeples has been given the rest of the week off. He is scheduled to return to work at the Albany Marine Logistics Base next week.

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