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South Ga. woman gives birth while husband's deployed

April 8, 2003

Lowndes County - The 1st month home with a newborn is always hard. But new mom Mary Konopatzke has a little added stress. Her husband deployed to the Middle East just 3 weeks before little Logan arrived.

"It's been hard on my own, but I've had help from family and friends and we're making it," said Mary.

Her mother Betty is a big help...making sure the errands are done and taking care of big brother Ian. But no one can take Dad's place while he's away. "When they were taking me into delivery I thought, 'Wow, I really wish he was here right now," said Mary. "But I know he's got a job to do and he won't leave until its done."

Emails and phone calls make the time apart a little easier to bear. Tuesday, the couple talked for just the second time since the baby was born. "It was great to hear his voice, and know that he's safe," said Mary.

Major Konopatzke has heard a lot about his new son, and recently received a few photos. "He's a big boy, and looks like he's healthy and happy," said Konopatzke.

And although he's saddened to have missed such an important moment, he's happy to know his family's doing well. "Everything seems to be going great over there without me, but I'll be glad when everything's resolved over here and we can get back home," said Konopatzke.

The war can't end soon enough for this family, bringing Dad back home to the wife and son he left behind, and the new addition he can't wait to meet.

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