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Woman turns to firearms for protection

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By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  An East Dougherty County neighborhood has been plagued by burglaries in the past year.

Now, one of the victims says she is sick of it. She's taking back her neighborhood and she's willing to fight to protect her family and her home.

Last month, Gail Branham's home, which has been in the family for more than 40 years was broken into.

Guns, a TV and other personal belongings were taken. They got them back, but have lost some of their peace and security in their home, tonight, they are taking it back.

 Branham grew up in East Dougherty County in a quiet neighborhood. But in the past year, thieves have made it their target. Neighbors homes have been burglarized. Last month, her home was hit.

"Very frustrating," she called the situation. "You can tell they went through all the drawers, clothes were pushed to the side. They touched my stuff. They went through my closets."

Even though she got her belongings back, and one person has been charged with the burglary, Gail isn't satisfied. She says criminals are running the town.

"It's getting worse, with the job economy the way it is, it's not going to get any better and people just have to be on the lookout."

And you better believe, she's one watchful neighbor. "We're doing border patrol, what I call border patrol."

And she's taken extra precautions to make sure her home isn't hit again. "Everything is double bolted now, key locks, so they're going to have a harder time getting in."

And if they do, they better watch out, because Gail is packin' heat. "It's small and compact enough to carry in my back pocket. I can pull it out quick enough, hit that safety and start shooting."

And if a criminal is sneaky enough to cross her threshold, they better have their final affairs in order. "If they're in my house, it's open season."

No longer allowing her home, or her neighbors to be bait for bandits, but taking back her neighborhood from the criminals.

Branham says she's worked five jobs to pay for everything she has, and isn't letting anyone take it without a fight.

And all neighbors should keep a close eye on what's going on around them. If you see anything suspicious, call the police. They would much rather respond to check on event before a crime occurs, than after criminals have struck.

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