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Confessed shooter free without bond hearing

April 7, 2003

Berrien County-- It's a little dirt road on the Berrien-Tift County line where the majority of the noise usually comes from Jesse McMillians roosters or Ricky Baker dogs. But Thursday a feud over the animals and the way McMillian was treating Baker's wife led to the sound of gunfire.

"Heard Mr. Jesse tell Jesse Jr. to put pistol away and go get shotgun and show him what to do with it," Sue Baker said.

"Never saw the gun by a heard a shot figured out I'd been shot." Four days later Baker is recovering at Tift Regional from the dozens of wounds left by a .20 gauge shotgun loaded with birdshot. McMillian confessed to the shooting, but today was at home on his golf cart, free without a bond hearing on a property bond because he has gangrene.

"Mr. McMillan has a severe medical problem, his foot dressing has to be changed every four to 6 hours," Berrien County Sheriff Jerry Brogdon said.

The gangrene is a result of diabetes. Some in the neighborhood think low blood sugar causes him to go berserk.

"We have total fear of this man," Sue Baker said.

"You can ask any sheriff when talking about people with severe medical problems talking about major decisions," Sheriff Brogdon said.

Some things the sheriff's office still hasn't been able to figure out, whether Baker provoked the shooting, and whether he also had a gun. have not yet talked to Baker who is hospitalized. He may be charged with making terroristic threats.

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