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Students act out a fatal crash

April 7, 2003

Albany - In a split second, your live can change forever. Spring Break, Prom and Graduation are a time to celebrate and have fun, but a south Georgia school is trying to make sure those times are safe. They want students to think twice about drinking and driving.

Emergency sirens echo around Albany High School. One teen paralyzed, another put in a body bag. The drunk teen who hit them walks away without a scratch. Eleventh grader, Kenisha Hill, says, "I'm glad it was just a re-enactment and I'll see them tomorrow. Hopefully see them Monday after prom."

"In a Spit Second" is a week long program through Albany Safe Communities. They want teens to think twice about drinking and driving. Hill says, "I didn't take it seriously, until I saw him be put in the hearse."

Albany High School students watched fellow students act out a nightmare. Tenth grade actress, Amanda Meadow, explains, "I hope they recognize drinking and driving isn't funny or to play around about. You don't do it, cause it kills people." Eleventh grader, Crystal Peters, says, "I think it's reality, it's good they do this."

Fortunately this scene was just an act, but it helps teens remember, in a split second their lives can forever change. The funeral will be acted out on Thursday.

Students will get to see the rest of the scenario on video tape, including the girl being rushed into the emergency room to find out she's paralyzed and the drunk driver getting booked in jail.

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