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Slow poke law will fine slow drivers

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Don't you hate it when you're zipping along in the fast lane of a highway only to get stuck behind a slow driver?

A proposal called the slow poke law could force those drivers to get out of your way.

The State House passed a bill that would fine motorists $75 for driving below the speed limit in the left lane.

The law would require drivers in the passing lane of a multi-lane highway to move over if they're being overtaken by a faster vehicle.

Law enforcers say the law could help curb road rage and increase traffic flow.

Some drivers agree.

"It's horrible especially if you're trying to get to work or something, or trying to take the kids to school, I just go around them if I can," said Willie Allen, Driver.

Police are quick to point out they do not advocate driving faster than the posted speed limit.

If the bill passes the Senate and is signed by the Governor, it would take effect in July.

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