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Sweet relief: Gas prices are starting to drop

April 7, 2003

Terrell County-- Gasoline prices in Georgia hit a record high in March. A gallon of unleaded gasoline averaged $1.55 last month-- for diesel fuel, drivers forked out $1.70 per gallon. The cheapest diesel fuel we could find today was fifteen cents less, and truckers are cheering.

Nate McKinstry fills up his tractor-trailer every other day. "It's kind of expensive."

It's been expensive all right, about $2.70 a pop. "I run down to Florida a lot. My fuel bill runs about $1,000 a week."

That's 1,000 dollars out of his own pocket-- so he is always searching for the best deal. But, at this lonely truck stop on U.S. 82, that didn't happen. "There's no shortage. We are just tickled to death the prices come down. I think a lot of gas stations have been price gouging-- that's what I think. Posting their own price to get that extra money."

A gallon of diesel at this stop costs $1.68. Dover says he got a better deal in a bigger town. "We paid $1.45 in Birmingham."

About 30 miles away, at this truck stop in Albany, a gallon of diesel was 1.55, that's 13 cents less, Dover thinks the reason is basic economics. "A lot of bigger fuel stops, there's competition around. They lower prices in order to be competitive."

Nate McKinstry says he is sorry he didn't fill his truck up in Albany, but he is hopeful gas prices everywhere will drop. "Something around there. Wishful thinking? It would be nice to get down that way, you can see yourself making money then."

Analysts say increased certainty about Middle East oil supplies brought falling crude oil prices, which helped lower the retail price.

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