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Military tax help

April 7, 2003

Albany - The Marine Base Logistics Base is taking the stress out of tax day for military families. Many people, whose spouse is now at War, are forced to handle the family business matters for the first time. The Judge Advocacy Group at MCLB will help military personnel file their taxes for free.

Service men and women serving active duty or their spouses can also get a 1 year extension on their taxes. "In past years, the IRS added our basic allowance for quarters into our income so most people didn't qualify for the Earned Income Credit. But they did away with that, so most Sergeants and below can now receive the Earned Income Credit," said Corporal Michael Horrigan, Staff Judge Advocate.

Corporal Horrigan says MCLB will file the taxes of all current and retired members of every branch of the military, not just Marines.

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