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Defective Albany Police Department Cars put back on road

April 7 , 2003

Albany -- 16 new Albany Police Cars are back on the streets, after being parked because of crackis in the wheels.

The 2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors sat behind Albany Ford for a month, while the design problems were checked. Across the nation, cracks were found in wheels on the new Ford Police Cars, causing some tires to lose air pressure. One cracked wheel was found on an Albany Police Car.

Ford has assured Albany Police that the cracks will not cause a serious safety problem, so the Police Interceptors have gone back on duty.

Albany City Central Services Department Director Stephen Collier said "Yes, we'll keep an eye on them. The Chief is emphasizing to his Officers to report anything that is unusual about the car. In the handling of it, the shaking of the wheel, those are the true indicators. A slight vibration of the wheel. And to keep an eye on your air pressure."

 The tires on the Police Cars will be checked every morning during routine maintenance, to safeguard the Officers. Ford is still working on a new wheel design to replace the defective ones.

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