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Cordele Police "Knock and Talk"

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email 

CORDELE, GA (WALB) –Cordele Police say a simple proactive approach has cut crime drastically in the city.

They're using a technique called "knock and talk." and it's worked so well, the city hasn't had an armed robbery in six months.

Officers in Cordele are on the move, where they are knocking and talking. In order to make their presence known in high crime areas,

It's part of a proactive policing approach, called "knock and Talk"

"We will go to the area, make contact with the people we think are perpetrating these crimes and pretty much just see what we can do to fix it," said Private First Class Clinton Latham.

An approach that has proven extremely effective.

"I feel safer because I know a police man can do more than we can do, we can't shoot them, a police man can," said Cordele Resident Anitairess Thomas.

"In the past 6 months we have pretty much eliminated armed robberies in the city of Cordele," said Latham.

So effective, almost all major crimes have decreased dramatically in the city limits.

*Percentage Change in Various Crimes

Jan 2009- March 2010

Burglary                                              -22%

Theft                                                   -22%

Robbery/Armed Robbery                     -50%

Apprehension of Wanted Persons       +150%

Disorderly Conduct                            +48.5%

Custodial Traffic Arrests                      +110%

Drug Arrests                                        +66%

*Source: Cordele Police Department

"When the criminals see us out talking to people it puts them on notice and they will think twice before committing crimes in the city of Cordele," said Latham.

Officers are no longer working call to call, they say visibility is key to catching criminals.

"We are going to be out there stopping cars, making contacts and eliminate the criminal activity that has plagued certain areas for so long," said Latham.

Today I rode along with an Private First Class Clinton Latham, where a simple traffic stop

Led to the arrest of a man with an outstanding warrant in Florida for possession of Methamphetamine.

"You can see how something has minor as a traffic stop for an unsecured door can lead to the arrest of a felon," said Latham.

Officers say they will continue to make contact with the people of Cordele, to see what can be done to solve the problems.

If you live in the city of Cordele and would like to keep track of criminal activity click here

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