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Worth remembers troops

April 6, 2003

SYLVESTER - It was a crowd like most any in America this weekend, torn between outward displays of patriotism and somber concern for America's troops.

"Today is the first time men and women are being deployed in a big way," Retired Naval Captain Bill Boone said.

When asked if they knew anyone fighting in the persian gulf, nearly everyone in the crowd was touched in some way. "I just miss him and I love him to death," Funita Brown said.

Brown's son Cory is with the 3rd infantry division, last known to be in Kuwait. His wife of less than a month wears his ring around her neck. The ceremony was both for families like the Browns left behind, and for those who just wanted to do something to show they care.

"Support the troops," Peggy Harris said. A message veteran Glenn Wilder says will be heard. "Say a prayer for them because it really helps and it really works."

The ceremony helped the Brown family through a very difficult time in some way. "Shows people do care about the guys in some way," Funita Brown said.

It also demonstrated that no wants to see another balloon released. Each represented the 80 U.S. Service members killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom so far. Yellow ribbons sold at today's ceremony are helping fund a sign of rememberance in Worth County. It will have the names of all Worth Countians serving our country.

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