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Pilots wow spectators at Moody

April 5, 2003

Valdosta- Crowds watch in awe as Air Force Bombers tear through the sky leaving nothing behind but a sonic boom and a trail of smoke.

Al Bennett was part of a Huey helicopter crew during the Vietnam War and is amazed at just how far military technology has come.

"The jets are just phenomenal the way they've progressed from the F-4's. That was the main jet for us back then. It's just the maneuverability they have now and the power. It's unbelievable," exclaims Bennett.

The tricks may have had everyone in awe but seeing the Air Force Demonstration Squadron Thunderbirds was also educational. With displays and shows like this the community will get a firsthand look at just some of the things the military would do at war.

"I see now more what they do. I thought they were just loud noisemakers, but now I see that they do tricks and my husband explained to me their purpose in war time," admits Natarsha Taylor.

Spectators say actually being able to see what pilots and Air force aircraft are capable of makes them feel more appreciative of the troops fighting the war in Iraq.

The US Air Force Thunderbirds will fly again tomorrow during the final day of Moody Appreciation Weekend. Admission is free and base gates are open from 8 in the morning until 4:30.

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