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Skydivers attempt to break state record in Fitzgerald

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FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) –You know what they say, why jump out of a perfectly good airplane, right?

But skydivers say there's nothing like the adrenaline rush of free-falling through the air.

Friday, adrenaline junkies from all over the country gathered in Fitzgerald for the 7th Annual St Patrick's day Sky Diving Event and this year they're on a mission.

This year jumpers are trying to break the state record. It was set back in 1997 where 64 people were able to jump at once, but this year they will try and add two more people to that formation

There is no denying, these folks are very different.

"We are just from everywhere, different walks of life, said Danny Dan, from Illinois.

But they have one major thing in common.

"Jumping out of planes, some call them perfectly good," said Dan.

An experience that just can't be described in words,

"I tell people it is probably the most intense thing they will ever do," said Chris Spence, Event Organizer.

"It's better than sitting at home in a rocking chair," said 80 year old John Cripps.

Friday sky diving enthusiasts from more than 20 states, flocked to Fitzgerald for the 7th annual St. Patrick's Day Sky Diving event.

"I'm the oldest jumper here, 80 and a half," said Cripps.

Where both professionals,

"Well I started in the military in 1947," said Cripps.

And those just eager to make a jump,

"I got to get suited up though you hear the engine turning in the back," said Dan.

Got the chance to take the plunge.

"Before I hit the ground I was ready to go back up again

Today professional sky divers, world record holders, and some folks logging up to 10,000 jumps made attempts to break the state record.

"There are 66 of us I think the previous record was 64," said Jackie Kaylor, Woman's World Record Holder.

But to set a record like this, it will take a lot more than just jumping out of a plane.

"You actually have to fly your body to a certain part in the sky and if you aren't there the formation is not going to build," said Kaylor.

Where jumpers have only seconds to link up mid air.

"We probably have 55 seconds to get this together so we can get down safely." said Kaylor.

But with plenty of practice, and tons of experience,

"I'm logging right at 220 jumps, 12 years in the sport," said Dan.

They are confident, a new record will be set.

All together jumpers will make 10 attempts at breaking the state record,As of Friday afternoon they had made three attempts, but so far no luck.They will try their luck again tomorrow.

It takes three airplanes to transport all 66 people up in the air and once up in the air they will have to hold the formation for 4 seconds to break the record.

To find out more information about the event click here

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